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Running is often about a community and the bonds that develop within it over time.  One way to develop stronger bonds within our running community is through volunteering. Throughout the year we have many volunteer opportunities.  Listed below are links to a few of our favorite ways to give back to our running community.


Ways to Give back after Hurricane / TS Harvey

General Volunteer Info:

Food Banks:

List of Shelters:

Blood Donations:

Local and Religious Affiliated groups:

Cash Donations:

Vetting of charitable groups:

Running for a Cause!

Please see our events page for current opportunities for charitable runs.

Houston Marathon Race Crew:

Sign up to volunteer with the Sector 2 Road Guards.  We help keep runners safe from River Oaks to Kirby and Bissonett along the marathon route.

email us at BONMarathon@gmail.com for more information.

Race Crew


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